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Package Pricing - USD to MYR conversion

Robust Fox is a trademark of ROBUST HPC SDN BHD. GST registration no. 001917833216

CPU Pricing and Plans GPU Pricing and Plans

* The "node" refer to single render machine with Dual Intel Xeon.
** Price may fluctuate subject to USD exchange rate.
1 Customer who receive not more than RM500 trial credits in a year is not subjected to GST.
2 6% GST applied to every payment made within Malaysia. For GST Registered Individual/Company you could claim as input tax. For Non-GST Registered Individual/Company you are required to declare GST in Form GST-04 for making oversea payment. Hence, you're always advised to make payment to our local bank account.

To know how much it costs for your project, please use our cost estimator.

Price Calculation

There is no extra charge for pausing or aborting tasks and the system only charge when rendering is successfully processed.

When a frame is being rendered successfully, the system will auto-calculate the cost for you. Here is the formula to help you to figure out how it works:

Unit Price * Rendering Time = Fee/ per Frame

For example, you render 1 frame on one of our nodes, the rendering time is 30 minutes, under Plan A the cost would be:

RM5.30 (GST inclusive) * 0.5 Hr = RM2.50/frame

It is the same formula to calculate in Plan B and Plan C.

Charge Standard

Once charged successfully, you may download rendered images immediately.

If your account has insufficient funds, the system will pause your tasks and save your rendered images which can be downloaded after successful payment.

To get the most suitable plan, you may estimate the cost for your project before submitting a render. The balance will not expire, which allows you to use it for next render.

Please note that the charge will be rounded off, so there will be a round-off error.

Payment Method

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Bank cheque or bank draft payable to: ROBUST DATA SOLUTION (Malaysia Only)
  • Credit card payment like Visa, Master, American Express, etc. via PayPal
  • Wire transfer for country/region doesn't support Paypal
Unlimited Render within time period

If you need unlimited render within a certain period, kindly contact us to make arrangement.

5 / 50 / 100 and more servers are available for rental with special rental rates.

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