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Does Fox Renderfarm support batch render?

Right now users still need to submit render task one by one. Each user is able to submit multi tasks and render them simultaneously. However, Fox has Not supported batch render yet. Batch render function is still under development and we assume that it is available by the end of Feb, 2013.

Does my file name have to follow any specification? Does the system support file name contained Japanese, Chinese or other language?

Fox supports file naming in multi languages. However, there are some restrictions in 3D software. Sometimes it may not be recognized by the system if users use file path with nonstandard ascii code. To successfully submit a render, we suggest you to use standard English alphabets and number for all files.

Why is my render stuck in the first step? It is being analyzed all the time, what happened?

Generally, it only takes a few minutes to analyze file. Of course sometimes it may take 10-20 minutes if the file is quite large.

If the browser prompts "waiting" for a long time, it may be the reason of slow network speed. Please refresh the page if your browser does not get any feedback from server.

The reasons why fail to analyze files:

  • The .zip file you upload is not complete, which result in incomplete unzip and file damage;
  • There are special symbols in file name, we suggest you to use alphabets and numbers;
  • There are too many scene files in one directory which result in slow list export.

Why is the render time of each frame different?

Each image may be different because of the movement of camera, which means the render time of each frame would be different. Just like you render different frame on your own computer, the time would also be different. If you find the render time is abnormal, please contact customer representative immediately.

Why one or two frames of my tasks would be failed?

Sometimes the frame would be failed if it is stuck in the process of render. However, the system will NOT charge if it is failed. To finish rendering failed frame, please click "retry" so that the system can render failed frame again. Those frames which have been rendered will NOT be rendered and charged again.

Why is the rendered result darker than the one I render on my own?

It is because of the gamma setting. If you set the gamma as 2.2 in your file, you should change the gamma to 2.2 when you check gamma filed on our platform since the default gamma on our platform is 1.0. If you miss to change it, the render will be processed with gamma 1.0 and it eventually will be darker.

Why can't I see the render progress of each frame?

During the render process, users can't check the progress like they do when they render on their machines. But users are able to check the thumbnail once the image finishes rendering.

When will the system start charging for my render?

The system will start calculating the cost since the start of render, but the charge will Not be taken until a frame finishes rendering successfully. If there is any frame failing to render out, the system will Not charge from your account.

How to use Fox Renderfarm on Mac and Linux?

Fox Renderfarm supports submitting render with all kinds of browsers, including IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and so forth, which means Mac and Linux are able to submit render as well. However, the Online Upload function can only be used via a widget which is only available on 32bit IE browser in Windows. Therefore, users of Mac and Linux should upload files through FTP to Fox servers.

We suggest you to use Filezilla client to upload files, which is free.
Download link:

Can we use a third-party network disk for transferring?

We do NOT suggest users to transfer files through a third-party network disk because we can NOT ensure that we are able to download the files successfully or not. If you do need to use a third-party network disk, we recommend you to use Skydrive of Microsoft. The maximum size for single file uploading on Skypedrive page is 300MB, which can be raised to 2GB after installing Skydrive app.

What is the cost for one render?

The cost is calculated according to the render time of each frame. Since the complexity of each scene file is different, the cost will NOT be the same as well. Generally speaking, a complex scene with high resolution will consume much more time, and therefore the cost is higher.

Why can't I upload through IE?

Firstly, please check whether you are using 32bit IE. If it is, then the widget for uploading may be not installed properly. In this case, you can install it manually.

The download link for manual installation:

There is always only one machine to render my tasks, WHY?

If you choose Render frame by frame mode when you submit a render, there will be only one machine to render your task. This mode is for you to check the rendered result correct or not when one frame is done. If you want to speed up the render, please select Full-speed rendering on control panel, then the system will assign more machines to your tasks.

What would happen if my account is out of balance and my render is not done yet?

The system will pause your task if you run out of credits and the task will stay as it is. You may resume it after putting credits into your account. The rendered images will not be deleted and there is no need to worry that you have to render them again.

Am I able to render on Fox Renderfarm if I use an in-house plugin or plugin that Fox does not support?

In this case, we suggest you to contact with our customer service representative to check whether we may install the plugin in our system or not.

How can I know the number of machines I can use?

Usually the system will automatically assign a certain number of machines to your tasks. The default setting is no more than 150 machines. If you need more machines, please contact with customer service representative 3 days before officially submit tasks. We will reserve machines for you.

How to check the number of machines I am currently using?

You may check it on control panel. There is an "Executing" field, and the total number of "Executing" is the total number of machines you are currently using.

How can I upload the maps if I find they are lost?

You just need to upload them as you upload files before. However, if you have already submitted a render before you find your maps are lost, you need to abort the task firstly, then upload the lost maps and submit a new task.