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Robust™ - trademark of Robust HPC Sdn Bhd (company no. 1168301-T | GST No. 001917833216), provides HPC (High Performance Computing) solutions including but not limited to custom build workstation, storage infrastructure, GPU servers and rack servers, to companies and corporate users who specialized in 2D/3D content creation.


With remarkable technical background and professionalism in those areas, Robust™ joined force with Fox Render Farm, to bring another exciting solution to 3D content creator - Robust™ Fox, the largest render farm service in Malaysia and Singapore with 2000+ render nodes!

Strength of Robust™ to Provide Fox Renderfarm Service Locally

  • Free production house from tedious oversea payment process & documents
  • Understand 3D content creation business with strong technical background
  • Provide development of Maxscript / MEL / Phython scripts to improve work efficiency
  • On-site support as value added service
  • Face-to-face training
  • Provide local server with secure portal for faster upload
  • Delivery of rendered sequences in Hdd, USB stick or DVD. Save download time.
  • Meet technical personnel in person
  • Share the same working culture, allow efficient communication.

We are committed to serve your discerning needs and give you the best and fastest render solution!

Fox Renderfarm

Founded in 2010, Fox Renderfarm is now one of the largest online render farm running more than 2000 render nodes utilizing breakthrough cloud-computer technologies.

Fox Renderfarm is officially recommended by Chaos Group Vray as well as acclaimed by thousands of CG production companies for its outstanding performance, intuitive interface, competitive price and 24/7 rendering service which can be accessed via Internet globally.

Fox's web-based platform allow submission of jobs to control panel in just several simple steps. Without queue and final result will be present to you soon. Fox is also capable of rendering HD and Ultra HD animations. For more information about hardware & software specification, please check Hardware Specification & Supported Software.

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